How to Increase Your Web Traffic Using an RSS Feed

rss-feed-2There are all kinds of ways to get more traffic to your blog or website, but one that often gets overlook is the use of real simple syndication feeds (RSS). Most sites or blogs are built with a specific demographic or target market in mind, and an RSS feed can help you reach the people that are interested in what you have to offer. Once the interested parties subscribe to your feed, they will be sent a notification every time you add something new to your website. Imagine being able to let all of your subscribers automatically know when you have a new product arriving in your web store. That is what you can achieve with RSS feeds.

A visitor that has been to your site and likes what they see will be more than happy to subscribe to your feed so that they can keep up with all that is going on. When they receive notifications they feel as though they are part of what is going on at the site, making them more likely to come back and make a purchase when something new catches their eye. That is not the only way that RSS feeds deliver more traffic, though.

Sharing content is a great way to spread positive word of mouth, and adding an RSS feed to your site makes it much easier for your visitors to share what they see. Once those links start getting shared, there is a better than average chance that your ranking in the search engines will improve. RSS feeds allow content to be indexed in the search engines that much quicker, but it also means that you don’t necessarily have to rely on the search engines to generate traffic. That takes us back to the linking and sharing done by your subscribers, which can quickly take a piece of content viral without the aid of Google and other search engines.

Having an RSS feed on your site allows you to take advantage of the many RSS feed directories found online today. You are essentially signing up for free online marketing when going this route, as it’s not uncommon for sites listed in these directories to receive thousands of unique visitors each and every day. That’s the sort of advertising that usually costs hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to receive those types of results.

As mentioned at the start of this piece, RSS feeds are a great marketing resource that many people simply aren’t that familiar with. While some may be using the feeds already, they are not doing so in a way that will deliver the maximum benefits of traffic and backlinks. They may be more inspired to find out more if they understood the positive effect that an RSS feed can have on their page ranking and how it could help them leap frog their competitors. You may just be surprised at the positive increases you see in your site on a number of levels by simply adding an RSS feed.

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