How To Compose Excellent Articles

Creative article writing Skills Improve Website traffic and Increase Your RevenueComposition is critical when creating valuable, well-written articles. How you structure your articles will dictate whether people want to read what you have to say or just blow it off. Two of the most important aspects in article writing consist of The Title and The Summary.

The Title:

From the moment someone runs across your article, your title will either catch their attention or send them searching elsewhere. Not only is that a given, it’s a fact!

When searchers are looking for a specific subject, their decision to move on or stay will be decided within a matter of seconds.  Your title should tantalize your potential readers into wanting to know more about your subject.  If your title is dull or vague, readers are just going to move on.

How your title is phrased will factor into Search Engine rankings. The top 10 articles are what people are going to look further into. Should you choose a title that is rarely searched, you will receive very little traffic and traffic is the meat and potatoes of your business and articles.

Consider this: the highest rated article directories have a great deal of pull and that is precisely why authors submit to them. In most cases, the title of your article will become the title of the page! The last thing you want to do is submit worthless phrases or titles.

Take your time when choosing your title.  Will your title have keywords that attract search engines?  Are your keywords overly saturated on the Internet?  Your title should always be clean and direct, enticing searchers to read on.  Don’t just grab keywords that seem to work in searches, causing your title to make absolutely no sense whatsoever!

Your Summary:

The summary of your article is a very short, simple highlight of what’s to come within the article. It quite simply tells the reader what the following article is all about. Readers browsing articles in directories will quickly scan the summaries of various articles in order to see if it’s something they would like to stay with. You need to entice readers in two sentences.

In some cases, search engines may use your summary as the actual description in the search results. Depending on whether a specific article directory utilizes summaries in their META tags will dictate the search results as well.

Ezine is probably the most powerful article directory on the Internet. The summary never appears on the actual article page, it only shows up on the category page.

Whether the summary page shows on an article or not, it is extremely important that you put together an engaging, two sentence description about your article.

Read others’ articles on Ezine or other article directories. Get a feel on how they are labeling their articles, i.e. Title. Look at their summaries, see if their writing is compelling. Would you want to read on or would you just pass it by.

There are some very fine article writers on the Internet and you will know it the moment you research their stuff. Look how they phrase their titles and how they grab a reader’s attention with their summaries.

Once you get the idea, start writing titles and summaries until you feel you have something that will bring people to your articles and then go for it!

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