Can You Afford to Miss Out on Twitter Traffic

2Twitter and Facebook are probably the two largest social networking sites online. They are both free to join and are excellent resources for targeted traffic to your site.

The beauty of Twitter is how easy it is to find people who share your same interests and join up with them. As you know, there are many ways to get traffic to your site but you can’t beat free and targeted traffic just by socializing!

There are many traffic generating sites that say they will send thousands of visitors to your site, but I’m not sure you are going to see a great turn over. You will receive visitors looking for many different niches and not necessarily interested in yours.

Twitter, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to search and find people that are interested in your business opportunities or products. Follow them, request they follow you and start leaving interesting information for others to read and get valuable information from.

Most importantly, always deliver quality content that is niche relevant. Also, the majority of this content should actually be created by someone else and never reference your sites. I am sure that statement has left you saying “What?” Let me explain the importance in this strategy:

First and foremost, you should always supply followers with high quality content. If you were attempting to do this yourself, you are going to give garbage content that is useless to everyone reading it. You could outsource your content but that not only takes a great deal of time, but can start costing you quite a bit.

Another big No, No that we are all aware of, you will come across as a spammer when you only “tweet” or in other words just leave short messages regarding yourself.  People will definitely stop following you.

The next step in this strategy is creating either a landing page or a blog post about your niche. It is extremely important that you provide the highest quality content that you possibly can. You might wonder where in the heck are you going to get high quality content regarding your niche to put on your blog? That’s really easy — Google search for RSS feeds within your niche and then copy and paste the link(s) of the RSS feed to your landing page or blog post.

Again, always choose high quality RSS feed content. This will attract followers because they will start trusting you. Winning the trusts of others is gold because they will become eager to click on your future links.

Placing links on your landing page or blog post is the best way to increase traffic you are getting from Twitter.

You should place links to information you want to share or products you want to sell. Always make sure the text displayed for the link contains a strong anchor text that requesting them to act now. This will force their curiosity and click on the link! Once they have arrived to your link’s destination, offer your products or information to share.

This is when you want to start collecting email addresses to stay in touch and offer further valuable information or products. The best way to do this — offer a free eBook that is relevant to your niche or a relevant report with an opt-in form.

Now you have email addresses to add to your list, supply them great information or products of your choosing. You can set up future emails, picking a date and time you want them to go out to your list. Be creative with your follow-in message. The best way to make all of this happen is by signing up to an auto-responder. There are quite a few for you to research and find what one works best for you. From this point on, your list should continue to keep on growing!

Keep in mind when tweeting, make sure it is good quality in order to win the trust of those reading. Once you developed a positive reputation on Twitter for your expertise within a field, the sky’s the limit! You must win the trust of people, you can’t shove it down their throats, but once you have won trust, people will look forward to future information from you.

This is one of the very best ways to develop quality traffic and it won’t cost you a “King’s Ransom”. It takes a little time to get used to following the steps, but once you have it shouldn’t take you more than 15 to 25 minutes every day. You will be rewarded with excellent targeted traffic to your site!

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