Article Writing Guide -How to Write a Resource Box

11-ami-perspective-153577037Just as important as unique content writing is to search engine optimization, the resource box is a very critical to the success of article marketing. The resource box is an area, at the end of an article where the article directories allows you to send traffic to your website.

Article directories (most of the top ones) normally will not allow you to create any link in the main part of your article, so you are stuck to using only the author resource box. And of course the essence of writing articles for such directories is to drive traffic to one’s website/product. If your article failed to do that for you, then the article will be regarded as a failure. This is why you should take your resource box seriously.

A good resource box should:

– Contain a backlink to your website.
– Establish an authority.
– Ensure people visit your website.

Here are some tips to help you write the best resource boxes:

1. Do not write ‘About The Author’ or anything word(s) similar to it. People already know that the words in the space is about the author. In fact, most article directories has a character limit for the resource box, so you don’t want to waste the space to some unnecessary words.

2. Make sure your resource box is on the same topic as the article you are using it on. The conversion rate will be terribly low if the two topics differ. Why I said this is because the people who will check your article will probably only be interested in the same topic and they will go elsewhere to find more information if your resource box is telling them something else. You can always change your resource box for every article you write.

3. You should try to offer them a kind of promise on the topic at hand. The most working one is when you promise they will learn more about the topic at hand if they come through your link.

4. The best resource boxes I’ve came about are the ones that those constructed to look just as part of the article. And sincerely, if you don’t look critically into such resource boxes, you will think they really are part of the article. Most of these resource boxes were started with clauses like “while you are here”, “perhaps you are thinking”, “by the way”, etc.

5. Lastly, I don’t think it is necessary to include phone, email, or fax number. Your website URL is enough. The first impression is to generate traffic to your website and if your business requires such contacts to succeed, add them to your website, not your resource box.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will be able to create effective resource boxes.

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