Article Submission Service

banner6Article submissions have a few basic purposes, but they all link directly back to SEO. The overarching goal is to bring more visitors to your site. It’s a simple yet admirable goal, and here is how article submission achieves it.

First, of course, there’s the obvious. When you submit articles, with any luck, people will  read them. And with a bit more luck, the readers will be interested and click through to your site. This alone can generate a bit of traffic, and how targeted it is depends on how relevant your article is.

On the other hand, you have the less obvious. When search engine crawlers sift through the vast vacuum of the internet, it checks sites off against certain criteria to decide which ones get listed higher up on search results. That is SEO 101.  One of these criteria is the number of backlinks.

Assuming you’re linking to your site with every article you submit, your number of backlinks is going to increase. If you submit a lot of articles, your backlinks will increase by a huge amount. Thus the search engine crawlers rank your site higher, you get more (targeted) traffic and hopefully a high percentage of converts.

However, your success is directly proportional to the quantity of articles you submit. Submitting two or three articles is not going to do much good unless they suddenly become viral – and the chances of that are pretty slim. You need large amounts of article submissions, but doing it manually is about as practical as trying to build a two-storey house with your bare hands.

This is where article submission services come in. UAW article submission services are like the bricklayers in the house-building metaphor. They come in and get their hands dirty doing the tedious, repetitive tasks while you get to talk with the designer about where to put your aquarium.

A UAW article submission service can spin and submit your article hundreds of times, generating hundreds of traffic streams and quality backlinks. It’s what people like to call a ‘win-win situation’. You only need a few quality articles and the rest is done for you.

When your name is linked to so many pieces, it sets you up as an expert in your field. This is how Wikipedia achieved such great success – there is so much content under the name of ‘Wikipedia’ that they are now considered an expert, and hence they’re at the top of huge numbers of search listings.

It is not expensive, either. In fact, article submission services are one of the cheapest available methods for promoting your website, which is why it is such a popular SEO technique.

Overall, the reward you can reap with article submission services is high and the overhead costs are low. You can drive traffic to your site, get yourself a higher search engine ranking and become a recognized ‘expert’, by penning only a few articles and then handing them off to be dispersed. It’s a quality SEO tool.



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