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Web content is always in demand. You yourself have probably spent a few minutes today reading it; maybe even a few hours. And you’re not alone: so have millions of other people across the globe. That’s how we know that high quality web content is important.

My name is Frank Breinling, and I founded Article Menu because I recognized this growing need for quality content.

The Power of Content

High quality web content is incredibly powerful in the online world. It increases your exposure, improves your brand image, boosts your click to conversion ratio, and most importantly, it drives fresh, targeted traffic to your site. And that’s only the beginning. By utilizing content, you’re drawing millions of eyes towards little old you.

Pretend that the internet is actually a busy street, and websites are the shops that line it. Quality content is basically the colorful sign outside your cafe that draws the people in, certainly. But it is also the delicious muffins that keep them coming back every day. It’s an attention getter and an attention keeper in one convenient little package.

Blogs, article directories, big corporate websites, little affiliate websites, e-commerce, humor sites, wikis – they all have one thing in common: they need content. They always have, and they always will. That’s where Article Menu comes in.

What We Can Do For You

Over a period of  months, I worked with more than 100 skilled native English writers. This mix of journalists, editors, publishers, proofreaders, sales experts and marketing gurus make up the ultimate writing team. What Article Menu does is provide you with access to this team.

Whatever you need for your website, our team can provide it. Each one of these writers is well trained, professional and experienced, with long histories of online and offline writing. Each one of these writers knows exactly how to provide the best quality content for the best results.

Cost-Effective, Reliable Results

The content we provide is high quality at a cost-effective price. Each article is well-researched, keyword optimized and engaging to read. The best part? It’s affordable.

At Article Menu, we’re committed to servicing your needs reliably and effectively, with top quality results every single time. We’ll help your site get the audience it deserves.

To Your Success

Frank Breinling
Frank Breinling

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